The Foundation was set up in 2007 by Karamat Iqbal.

Purpose: To help regenerate the local community in Dadyal, District Mirpur and To help poor families meet the ‘hidden extras’ which can often be barrier to access of ‘free’ education

Principles: Assistance provided is un-conditional in that the beneficiaries must not be beholden to the Foundation. The Foundation is non-political and non-religious.

Focus: The current work of the Foundation involves: Help towards travel costs; Text books for pupils; Provision of school uniform (summer and winter). We are currently helping 25 young people who would otherwise not be able to benefit from education. In the future, we would like to help refurbish a local primary school where currently the children sit on a dusty floor. They also need to be provided toilet facilities.

Fundraising: We have organized two sponsored walks which have helped to keep the Foundation’s work going since its inception. We also collect small change which has provided additional funds.

To support our work, please consider making a donation. Please note 100% of the all funds are spent on the beneficiaries. We do not have any administration costs.

Management: The Foundation is run in the UK by a Management Committee who have a deep interest in the Pakistani community. We maintain an account at Lloyds TSB. In Pakistan, there is a committee whose role is to decide how the work of the Foundation should be carried out at the local level, who should be helped and for what need.


*karam means kindness, generosity, grace.


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