School Improvement and Effectiveness

The education landscape is changing rapidly, we are finding that schools and academies are seeking support so they can manage and harness that change. Our approach to school improvement is based upon current research, extensive experience and the emerging field of positive psychology. Sue Iqbal’s recent work creating the Improving from WithIn Model is innovative, robust and provides the framework for our work.

We provide individuals and schools with high quality coaching, facilitation and consultancy aimed at enhancing their effectiveness.

Our experience tells us that people are looking for personalised and bespoke approaches that enable exploration of the complexities of a situation prior to any input being offered.

Recent assignments have included:

  •  A whole school becoming an academy and needing to involve all staff in shaping the vision for the new school
  • A headteacher and senior team developing new leadership behaviours to enable improvement  to come from within
  • An organisation identifying their core values and then seeking to embed these and see them reflected in the behaviours of all staff
  • A senior leadership team looking to perform more effectively, harnessing each other’s strengths and establishing effective communication patterns
  • An organisation seeking to review its strategic direction