Improving from WithIn Model

Improving from Within A Positive Approach for Thriving Organisations

What can we learn from the emerging science of Positive Psychology, of how human beings thrive and how should this understanding of human well being influence our leadership? What do we draw from ancient wisdom that speaks powerfully into our current challenges.

The History of Improving from WithIn

Created in 2012 Sue reflected on the educational landscape:  “We are experiencing seismic changes in the educational landscape but how many educationalists are asking the question about what education is really for in a global, technological and competitive world. In this world, what is the job of a teacher and how is it changing? How do we co-create a curriculum with our students that is relevant and engaging? What does pedagogy look like in this generation and how can we develop ‘contracting’ relationships between students and teachers? As leaders, how do we take courageous steps to lead our schools in a direction we intuitively know is good but may go against received wisdom?”

Out of this reflection the model was born. Since then Sue has used it as a guide for her work with organisations across the church, charity and education sectors. Providing a framework for organisational change, based on aligning mission, vision, values and practice and looking to encourage innovation, intrinsic motivation and engagement.

Golden Threads

In her book, Golden Threads Wisdom for authentic leadership and thriving organisations, Sue has drawn together the threads of secular and sacred wisdom that underpin the model and researched what it means to lead authentically and live out faith and values in practice.





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