Pakistani-British – ‘changing the script’: Happy Endings

This project is focussed on telling the stories of Pakistani-British individuals for whom things have gone wrong but have a happier ending. It includes a focus on those who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Project overall: MY HOMETOWN

‘Britain is our own country; it’s very dear to us’
Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Chauhdry Abdul Rashid


Our aim is to ‘change the script’ about the Pakistani-British community by presenting a more positive image of their contribution amongst the wider British society. This would help to compensate for, and provide an alternative to, the current negative image of the community.

We also hope to encourage the community to develop a greater sense of ownership of their hyphenated identity and see Britain as their ‘hometown’.

Who we are

We are people who work in diversity and education. We carry out voluntary community work where individuals cannot pay for it. We are committed to charity work whereby any profits are devoted to education and community work including work in Pakistan.

At a personal level, as parents of dual-heritage children, we have a deep level commitment to promoting inter-cultural understanding amongst all groups.

Our Values

We are keen to:

– Take a holistic view of success; it’s not just about making money but investing in ‘our home town’ and making a difference to the world we will leave behind for future generations

– Encourage our communities- Pakistani-British and White- to be inter-cultural

– Promote equality with a particular focus on providing opportunities and celebrating Pakistani-British women’s contribution

– Be inclusive regardless of people’s political and religious affiliations

– Promote inter-generational understanding within the Pakistani-British community

– Promote active participation of the Pakistani-British community especially those who are not a part of a ‘literate’ tradition e.g. Mirpuri dialect speakers

Area covered by the project

Our initial focus is on Birmingham as that is where we are based. Also, in the UK, the city has the largest concentration of Pakistani heritage people.

However, in recognition that the need is a national one, we will, where possible, try to reach a wider audience. Initially, this broader focus will be achieved through the website we hope to establish.